Dear Sir/Madam, I am writing regarding your website…

A couple of days ago I was opening some packages from a number of suppliers when I happened to take notice of the different types of packaging used. One in particular stood out, and printed on the the inside was not only the company name, but their web address. Great I thought, lets see what they can do for me. How wrong I was!

Sadly it’s a familiar story, a company with a really great product but a web site, well see for yourself.

The perennial question is how does one, as a web developer, approach such a company and explain to them, kindly, that their website is not only a visual disaster but so badly layed out it is most likely costing them business and therefore money? And how do you phrase this in a way that they will not only take the critique on board, but also possibly charge you, the bearer of bad tidings, with the job? Because, let’s face it, the person opening your email/letter could very well be the one responsible for commissioning the whole mess! Few months ago I did college essay writing service that helped me earned some bucks.

Over the years I’ve tried it a couple different approaches myself with no success. Once from the ‘disappointed customer’ standpoint, and once from the ‘friendly sales pitch’ standpoint.

So the question is, has anyone successfully ever pulled it off?

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