How to Disassemble a Lacie Porsche External Hard Drive Thing

These things look pretty well sealed but are actually easy to get apart. The metal bottom ‘tray’ is only about 5mm deep and it is this which comes out. The hard drive and gubbins are held inside the plastic encolsure by a thin metal tray which is just clipped in place.

For this exercise you’ll need 2 table knives, a smallish cross head screwdriver, a lacie porsche drive and a spare hard disc (preferrably larger than the one in the lacie!).

Okay, hit me…

1 On each side there are 5 ‘lugs’ that keep the metal tray in place. Just stick a couple of table knives down one side of the tray, each about an inch from the end and gently prise the tray out. As you lever it out the plastic will bend away from the tray – it only needs about 1-2mm clearance. This is the hard bit, and it’s pretty easy really.

2 Once the bottom tray is out undo the four screws that hold the drive in place.

3 The shiny metal tabs that the screw go through then bend (yes bend!) out of the way – I guess you won’t want to do this too often!** Don’t lose the clear plastic bits as they go between the metal tabs and the drive to protect it.

4 Pull the front light out and move out the way.

5 Remove the drive and insert the new one. It can be configured as master or cable select (CS).

6 Reassemble and you’re done.

  • note: this is actually a metal tray. It is held in place by four round ‘lugs’ that stick out of the casing and engage with holes in the side of the metal tray. Each of these four is about 5-10mm to the rear of where the screws came out – and is only about 1mm long. If you look carefully you can see the metal is bent towards the casing for each one. You can in theory stick a small screw driver or something down there and remove the whole assembly including the connectors at the back. You could then slide the drive out without having to bend the metal tabs.