Federer Stripped of Masters Victory – Murray in shock historic win

In a shock move, three blokes in a pub in Somerset with no experience of tennis were asked to review last nights Masters final between Federer and Murray by the WTA, hours after the event finished. They have just issued the following statement…

“Having studied the game we decided that Federer played far too well. Especially towards the end of the game when he was often going outside the white lines and hitting loads of balls back over the net that Murray could not reasonably be expected to return.

“Therefore due to this unfair advantage, we have decided to retrospectively strip Federer of two games in each set. Which means that Murray won.

“Appeals are welcome but we won’t bother reading them.


The blokes in the pub.


The WTA and two of the ’stewards’ declined to comment however the third was quoted as saying “Sport? It’s got FA to do with sport mate, we just thought he was playing too well, and we can’t have that”

But of course this is just made up, sadly the current Formula One decision from the Belgium Spa Francochamps grand prix isn’t made up. What a bunch of monkeys. Couldn’t run a bath.